Commercial Construction

Strategic Operational Service Corp. commercial division offers a wide range of services to the corporate sector in the New York metropolitan and surrounding areas.

From planning to completion we provide general contracting services for retail locations, offices, warehouses and many other types of commercial facilities. Being in the building service business for generations, Strategic Operational provides a seamless, clean, and organized operation that gives our clientele confidence in our service regardless of the location or job type.

Types of Projects

Corporate break room

Strategic Operational Services Corp’s commercial division brings our general contracting services to retail, private enterprises, and other business entities.

We provide everything from tear down and rebuild, to remodeling or remediation. Many of our clients request us to demolish newly purchased facilities and rebuild a brand-new office ready for move in. Often, however, just replacing old outdated flooring is just what a space needs to look revitalized and new.

Job Site management

commercial construction job site management

A common complaint of any general contractor is the time needed to complete a project. While construction commences, renting the space, utilities and other expenses continually cost the customer. Making a deadline is not only important to cut costs, but also fits a carefully set timeline.

Strategic Operational Service’s job site management strives to provide timely service and efficient operation.